The NTI Tension Suppression System is a new FDA-approved method of headache and migraine prevention that is said to work by reducing night-time teeth clenching. This often intense nocturnal activity is purported to lead to a hyperactivity of the trigeminal nerve, often triggering typical migraine events. The objective of the NTI is to relax the muscles involved in clenching and mastication, thus diminishing the chances for migraines and tension headaches to develop.

The NTI is a small transparent plastic device which is worn over the two front teeth at night to prevent contact of the canines and molars. It is normally fitted by a dentist trained in the technique. It does not involve any drugs, shots, or surgery.

NTI stands for Nociception Trigeminal Inhibitor. This means a device to stop noxious input to the trigeminal sensory nucleus.


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